Through Her Eyes

Field Report No. 2015061115RC

Topic: Discoveries

Conditions: Rife


COMMENTS:  On a recent Saturday, something new clicked for me. Being a parent does that to you. I, like all people, tend toward selfishness. I want to have fun, and I want it to happen my way. Maybe a nearby outdoor adventure followed by a scratch-made dinner out and a northwest IPA. But with this small redheaded person with us all the time, my wife and I have had to reconsider a day off: what is fun to her? She can't bomb down a ski hill or go on a long trail run (yet), and sitting in a hip new restaurant downtown isn't exactly her idea of a great time.

We set off to make some memories, five minutes from home. We walked across the footbridges in the mist just above the thundering Spokane Falls. Our kid wasn't the only one who felt small. We clutched her tight to keep her smiling, even when afraid. We spent an hour (at least) in Wonders of the World, an import shop as curious as our daughter. Our entertainment wasn't about us; it was about discovering things anew through her eyes, things we forgot about childhood. Fossilized shark teeth and "dinosaur poop" delighted her, as did the treasures: jewels, rocks, and beads by the thousands. Her healthy sense of wonder revived ours, too.

KEY FEATURES: There's something magical for everyone in this shop, right up front in the historic Flour Mill. Pamela, the owner, is also the keeper of smiles and a wealth of stories about her most uncommon items. She maintains a childlike sense of wonder as well.

RECOMMENDATIONS: As I mentioned, I love eating out. But the act of cooking well has its place. Pop across the way to The Kitchen Engine and sign up for a cooking class or get that mixer you've been eyeballing.