A Moment Downtown

Field Report No. 20140612AC

Topic: Espresso Fueled Shopping

Conditions: New

COMMENTS: We met up at Mela and nine shots later skipped down the street and popped in at American Shoe Shop. The spinning of giant overhead fans, the slicing and sewing of leather, a generally enticing environment complete with a "new shoe meets new shop" smell, met with chit chat about the best spots in the Methow Valley. The proprietor/janitor gave us some interesting recommendations. We left without shoes, (new ones that is) but I'll be back soon for a belt. 

KEY FEATURES: The American Shoe shop is something of an insitiution in downtown Wenatchee. Now with brand new digs in the former location of Pak it Rite (just steps away from their old, half century home).

RECOMMENDATIONS: Park at the Shoe Shop and explore the place, then venture farther in to the heart of downtown to discover coffee (and a damn good breakfast), home decor, unique jewelry, yoga, and more.