Queue to my Heart

Field Report No. 20150527AH

Topic: Tartine Bakery  

Conditions: Fresh 


COMMENTS: Everybody loves a line. In a culture centered around convenience and efficiency, nothing excites or frustrates people more than waiting in line with fellow hordes while eavesdropping on conversations behind you, placing judgement or silent agreements as needed. Was it worth the wait--of course. It's always worth the wait. People don't wait in line for nothing. (Do they?) 

The clickity-clack behind bar, the steam, the hospitable barista, the curt but controlled girl upfront make up the environment's complexion. My short espresso hot to the touch as I walk back through the line toward the exit. The line just as long as when I entered it. Get there early--or late, it doesn't matter it's great and you'll wait AND YOU'LL LIKE IT. 

KEY FEATURES: Sweets, savories, delicacies 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Mixed Berry Bread Pudding, Seasonal Ham Quiche (pronounced quiche)