Rhythm of Summer

Field Report No. 20150629SH

Topic: Liberty Lake hiking

Conditions: Sun-dappled trail


COMMENTS: It’s still June and the rhythm of summer has already settled into the dry grass.  I arrive at the trailhead after work at 5:30, eyes strained from computer work and legs ready to strike. Here I am sheltered from the long-lasting sun as I hike toward one of the last Cedar stands in Spokane County.

The climb steepens and the creek beside me begins to rush. Although impressed by the waterfall, today I notice how the golden light reveals more subtle details and how the textures of the season repeat around me—dandelion seed heads with their delicate white hairs, pine needles scattered in brown clumps, clouds folding in lazy bliss through a solid blue sky.

When I close my eyes, I can hear grasshoppers snap across the trail. An hour later I listen for the chorus of crickets that will rub their wings in search of each other in the softening dusk.

KEY FEATURES: Beavers, altitude gain close to town, shaded trails.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Recover that school’s-out energy burst you got as a kid. Get outdoors with friends after work and then reminisce about childhood summers over pints from Black Label Brewing Company and garlic fries from Mediterrano.