Double Means Triple

Field Report No. 20150529AH

Topic: Authenticity 

Conditions: Optimistic 


COMMENTS: "If you're authentic, then all details will line up. Your menu will match your food, which will seamlessly integrate with your staff and your decor. If you can commit to a story and live that story, the contradictions will disappear." -Seth Godin

At Durkin's when ordering a burger (entirely made from scratch) a single means a double and a double means triple, but rarely is a place as committed to authenticity as they are. If you're like me, you know almost automatically when you walk into a new restaurant whether it's right for you. And Durkin's Liquor Bar is right for me.  

KEY FEATURES: Goat cheese on my burger, craft beer in my pint, soft booth on my arse. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Also, check out Madeleine's Cafe & Patisserie next door, and Casper Fry in the South Perry District. The same attention to detail is happening in those spots because the same hard-working folks own them.