Besides Yoga

F&C: Sure, you do yoga. What else do you like to do with your time? 

Bridget: There's other stuff to do besides yoga???! 

Well... we really do integrate the mindset and movement of our iLa (inspiring LOVE & authenticity) philosophy into the way that we spend our time. From cooking delicious food with our people (Dakota's the cook in our family!), to biking (mountain and road!!!), stand up paddling, hiking, & climbing, to finding the extraordinary in the familiar activities of everyday life. (Oh! and we are currently opening Wenatchee Valley Brewing Co. in the Pybus with my family)

To answer your question, we LIVE with our time. And what truly living is to us is experiencing each moment--breathing, taking it all in, the beautiful & the challenging, choosing to explore and thrive in our environments--inspiring ourselves and those around us to find and step into the best version of ourselves.