Field Trip: Part III

Field Report No. 20150622AH

Topic: San Francisco

Conditions: Misty


COMMENTS: "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." 
Twenty-seven years later I returned to the place that gave me life. It's always been a good conversation piece to tell girls and such (who are the "and such"). I'm a California-Native, however, four days hardly qualifies as residency.
I departed early from Monterey to beat the Memorial Day traffic, grab a coffee at Santa Cruz Coffee Roaster. All seemed normal 'till the barista told me my coffee was available under "Karen Walker." Such a better way to direct customers where to go than to call them by name or shout out a number. 
Pier 40 is my home for the night, Dock F, Slot 94. Do I suggest sleeping on a boat? For one night, sure, for the story, definitely, otherwise the tethered boat on a turbulent bay provides a less than conducive sleeping environment. I found myself slightly homesick that evening but the best part about being form Wenatchee is that it follows you almost everywhere you go, in any store, around the country, apples from Wenatchee. In this case, Stemilt and Auvil are readily available in the neighborhood grocer. I pair one with a bottle of wine and now I'm feeling better (not sure if it was the apple or the wine). 

KEY FEATURES: golden gates, grey skies, combination history and innovation. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: If you're going to experience the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time, opt to walk it. It's loud, cold, and windy but it's worth the breathtaking views from the top. In addition, breweries are popping up all over the city. Uber your way around to these places: 21st Amendment Brewery, Cellar Maker Brewing Co, then ask your bartender where to go next. Happy exploring!