Summit Post

Field Report No. 20150720SH

Topic: Prusik Peak, West Ridge

Conditions: Clear, alpine desert


COMMENTS: From this summit at the heart of the Enchantments, the midday sun hammers the back of my neck, tempered by a breeze that tugs the collar of my shirt and tousles strands of hair that have escaped my helmet. My partner and I share a bar of chocolate and, as its sweetness coats the back of my throat, I watch another climber pull the final move over the ridge. Still panting, he builds an anchor, hauls up his rope, and prepares the final belay. At first I do not enjoy seeing another party on the mountain, but then I remember—we were never alone here. The trail was beaten down by those who have come before us. 

KEY FEATURES: Granite icon, horizon light until 10pm 

RECOMMENDATIONS: After you’ve earned your views, celebrate with friends. Choose what sounds fitting for your group from the Leavenworth Short List.

-By Summer Hess, in honor of Anna Dvorak and her love of the mountains.

Pictured: Summer Hess, Anna Dvorak
Photos: Anna Dvorak