The Lighter Side of Wisconsinburger

Field Report No. 20150720RC

Topic: Veggie burgers that satisfy

Conditions: No freezers, actual flavor


COMMENTS: I had just returned from a week-long trip for work, and my dietary choices weren't exactly pristine during the experience. Our family was reunited, and we needed a place to catch up and celebrate. But I also wanted to keep things light. 

The answer was rather counter-intuitive: Wisconsinburger. Yeah, they have all the guilty-pleasure, bacon-laden goodness of any excellent burger place. But they also give more than just a nod to the vegetarian/vegan crowd (like my wife), or someone who just feels like eating lighter (me). We ordered up a "Madison" and an "Ashland." Neither of these options were purchased at Costco, an all-too-common practice when it comes to veggie burger options. They were house-made out of squash, beans, onion--and with all the loving care of the other creations on the menu. We were feeling the love, rather than feeling like an afterthought.

KEY FEATURES: Another way to lighten up was to teach my four-year-old daughter how to play Ms. Pac Man, which is clearly the greatest arcade game of all time.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Don't categorize Wisconsinburger as a place to leave dietary goals behind.