River Sunsets

Field Report No. 20150729SH

Topic: A day ends over the Columbia; I stop to watch

Conditions: Cooling earth, pockets of stagnant heat


COMMENTS: In the middle of the middle, I enjoy a sunset over Vantage Bridge and Wanapum lake. The dropping sun brandishes the muted desert colors with chrome—dusty to fuchsia, lavender to violet. I can’t taste the ocean yet, but the grit of sand is underfoot.

KEY FEATURES: Bridges, overlooks, reflections of self over water.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Best river places to watch the sky change, by location: In Wenatchee, Rocky Reach Dam & Visitors Center. In Spokane, the back patio at Veraci Pizza. In Leavenworth, a quaint back porch near the currents from Leavenworth Properties. In the Methow Valley, the deck at Old Schoolhouse Brewery.