Old and Solid Things

Field Report No. 20150707RC

Topic: History

Conditions: Available


COMMENTS: On a perfect weekend afternoon, we head to Riverside State Park—the Bowl & Pitcher Area to be exact. Families are picnicking near the "swinging bridge," slathering on sunscreen for their hikes and the idle wading they will do in the Spokane River. We read about that bridge before we cross it. Originally constructed in the 1930s, and more recently restored using the original plans, it was a Civilian Conservation Corps project. Its timbers move and flex as each eager group crosses above the rushing current. We appreciate its strength and the freedom it allows us; it is a gateway to many miles of trails. Today we are scouting, intent on finding great views and that perfect swimming hole that will perhaps become our secret spot. 

When we've gotten our share of sunshine, we head to Tossed & Found to appreciate more old and solid things. We find mid-century modern furniture, old cowboy books that your grandpa loved as a boy, and some glass jugs and metal lunch boxes that might've been used by the young men who first put up that swinging bridge.

KEY FEATURES: Nostalgia, beauty, sturdiness, long-lastingness.

RECOMMENDATIONS: A similar little visit to northwest Spokane. A 12oz bottle of cold brew from Indaba Coffee Bar & Roastery on your way there—the cops may think you're drinking a beer while driving, but it's just the bottle's look. For afterward, a happy hour cocktail or meal at The Blackbird, an acclaimed new eatery just north of downtown, by the folks who brought you Manito Tap House.