Lightly Toasted

Topic: Drinking on the Job

Conditions: Jubilant


COMMENTS: I happen to sell booze for a living (partially) which makes for really great experiences in really great places all over a large portion of Washington State. I load up the car with cases of fine Jamaican sipping rum, or a smattering of port (a la J.K.), or high end whiskey, or well spirits, and often wines (a lot of rose right now), and of course cider and certainly gin, on and on across a thousand page catalog that makes your head spin.
On this particular day we were at Copper Glance tasting Snowdrift Cider and 151 proof rums and I think cachaca or some such exotic liquor. By noon we were lightly toasted and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. (I had a second tasting later that day so I thoroughly enjoyed the evening also.)

KEY FEATURES: Visit Copper Glance and explore their fine selection of craft cocktails. (they open at 4pm). Try the Indian Summer.

RECOMMENDATIONS: If you're after a great time during the day, grab a steak over at Thomsons, grab refreshments to go at The Wine Shed and rock the BBQ pit at your campground.