Up the River

Topic: Retreats

Conditions: Restful


COMMENTS: At last we were off together--time away from home, from work (almost), and of course children (whom I love, really). I think we can all recognize the need to get away from your kids, at least for a little while. Be it a date (somewhere like here) or a quick (and restful) getaway, turns out all you really need in life is sleep and a full belly.
I once worked with a guy who told me all he did on his vacation with was sleep for twelve hours at this place. At the time I didn't fully grasp how lovely just doing nothing is when you are a parent and hardworking adult. A decade later, I totally get it. And while there are numerous things to do at the Freestone (like fish, or bike, or hike, or heli-ski (wintertime), mostly we just relaxed.

KEY FEATURES: We stayed at The Freestone Inn in Mazama, which is magnificent and just up the Methow River from Winthrop (only 20 minutes). The staff is incredible, really fantastic folks.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Poolside service.