The Thai on the Lanai

Field Report No. 20150823RC

Topic: Dad Time in Wenatchee, Part 2
Conditions: Spicy and rich


COMMENTS: With my wife just finishing another long day of meetings at her teachers' conference, I can tell from her text messages that she's tired. Going out to a restaurant is always fun, but with two young kids, it's funny how staying in starts to sound much more appealing (especially when you scored an Airbnb spot as cool as this one).

Of course, this spot is cool enough to have the Wenatchee map and short list displayed in the guest book. Having gone too long without Asian cuisine, I see The Thai and it becomes obvious: our destiny is top-notch takeout. When I pick up my wife from the convention center, we also pick up Panang curry, Massaman curry, and pineapple fried rice. We spend an ideal summer evening on the back patio, with well-spiced food and a couple bottles of Deschutes Twilight. The kids are at our feet enjoying their toys, and we are strategizing bedtime for them so it can be hot-tub time for us.

KEY FEATURES: The peanuts and potatoes in the Massaman curry bring a world of spices into simple, hearty balance.

RECOMMENDATIONS: If you want to impress your travel companion, pull a similar stunt in Spokane at Sala Thai or in the Methow Velley at Tappi. Ordering takeout means you enjoy the area's best food while also enjoying your expertly chosen accommodations.