Sweeping Through Spokane

Field Report No. 20150830TB

Topic: Journeying
Conditions: Powerful

COMMENTS: Six A.M. came earlier than expected when I was awakened by “Icky Thump” by the White Stripes blaring through my speakers. Before embarking on the three-hour drive to the destination, I needed to fuel up at the local cafe. I was recommended the Veggie Omelet. I inhaled it. After consuming way too much coffee, cruise control and Explosions in the Sky became my two best friends. Now it was just 170 miles between me and my destination. Once arrived, I was welcomed by some familiar faces and a damn good Macchiato.

It was nearing time to re-fuel, so I headed over to the local lunch spot and devoured a mean burger, complimented with a nice platter of crisp garlic fries. I needed to walk off the feast, so I began to wander around the city. It didn’t take long until I was struck by the beautiful cityscape that stood before me.

I needed more. I heard a rupture of water in a near distance. I decided to find out where the noise was coming from. I was in awe with what I met. A roaring river collapsing on its self, sweeping through Spokane.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Durkin's Liquor Bar Double Burger with a Fried Egg. Indaba Coffee Macchiato.