Dad Time in Wenatchee (pt. 1)

Field Report No. 20150805RC

Topic: Dilly Deli and poolside
Conditions: Fresh and refreshing


COMMENTS: It's not babysitting when you're the dad; that's called parenting.

After my wife is all set up at her work conference at the Coast Hotel and Wenatchee Convention Center, it's the girls and me for the next eight hours or so. No sweat, right? Step one: treat yo self.

I'm hungry from the road, but I don't want junk. Not for me, my 5-year-old, or my ten-month-old. Dilly Deli it is. It's a few blocks away. Always a good sign when there's a crowd at 1pm on a Wednesday. I start dad time off right with a turkey club on jalapeño cheddar bread. Add avocado (obvi). The kids share a salad bar, which is impeccable. I pay by weight and get exactly what I want: fresh, healthy food at the right quantity for my kids. Nothing wasted. Except what they scatter all over the floor. Nothing but graceful smiles from the staff. 

My older girl finds it comical to eat those baby corn things as if they are full-sized ears of corn. For the next couple days solid, I'll need to adopt a sense of humor that finds this sort of thing funny. As long as she's eating veggies, I'm down. Time to head back to the Coast for hour 1 of 1000 at the indoor/outdoor pool.

KEY FEATURES: Whimsy abounds with the comic book trope all over the walls. House-made ingredients are the real heroes here, though.

RECOMMENDATIONS: I was a first-timer today. The woman next to me was local, and she laughed because she had just ordered the same turkey club with avocado that I asked for. I found out why during bite number one. If I lived here, it would be in my regular rotation of lunches.