A Fresh Flipper

Field Report No. 20150901RC

Topic: Caring about the story
Conditions: Innovative


COMMENTS: The Kitchen Engine is where my nose feels at home. Even if there isn’t a class or anything going on in the kitchen, there is fresh Indaba or Doma coffee available in a pump pot. When I’ve filled my cup, I address Eric with a grave look on my face.

“I have a spatula problem.”

“Oh. Well, I can help.”

I go on to confess—like he’s a priest or something—that I’ve been acting like a fool, using a cheap plastic spatula from the dollar store. A couple times, I’ve noticed the edge of the thing flaking off into my food. I’m in my thirties, and the food I’m making is also for my kids. Time to grow up.

A few minutes later, I’m spending only slightly more for a spatula that will last a lifetime without flaking, was made in the U.S., and has a really cool story. When I get home, its first use comes while reheating pizza in a cast iron pan. I may have been using a garbage spatula, but at least I know not to waste perfectly good pizza by microwaving it.

KEY FEATURES: The manufacturer, Epicurean, is a company formed by skateboarders. After innovating an environmentally responsible wood-fiber material for use on curved skate-park features, they figured they could also make excellent cutting boards and kitchen tools, and the company was born. Foodies obsess over their cool, sustainable stuff.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Reflect a bit. Is there an area in which you use low-quality, cheap junk that might actually be harmful and more spendy in the long run? Isn’t it time to put on your big-kid pants and upgrade to gear that lasts? When you’re ready, find the local business that will hook you up. If you're like me and the kitchen has some needs, then the doorbuster-style deals will capture your fancy at the Kitchen Engine's Anniversary Sale September 16-18.