Doing the Small Things Right

Field Report No. 20150912RC

Topic: Mediterranean sliders
Conditions: Flavor-balanced


COMMENTS: To talk to Shahrokh Nikfar, the owner of Mediterrano in Saranac Commons, is to become infused with energy. It was just a simple stopby for some grub after golfing at Downriver with old friends; it soon became a conversation with Shahrokh about community vs. competition, and how his two establishments at the front of the commons are aiming to bring people together. Talk turned to the Greek fare at Mediterrano, particularly the constant effort his team is putting into improving their already-great flavors. His excitement is infectious as he shared about new menu items and plans to bring in a chef from Greece to join the team. Soon, they were whipping up three of their new sliders for a taste test. The first two were so satisfying, I had to take the third home to introduce my wife... excellent falafel is hard to find. It was no small task driving all the way home without opening the box and chomping down that third little bugger.

KEY FEATURES: The sliders are available at reasonable prices, in four varieties: gyro lamb, gyro beef, falafel, or a hand-formed beef patty. A balance of flavors is achieved with the house-made lemon aoli and tzatziki sauces. The buns are freshly crafted by Common Crumb, the bakery that sits about 40 feet away in the commons.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Before a night out downtown, choose these sliders for a light dinner. You'll be glad you saved room for the craft cocktails available down the street at Durkin's.