Last Call for Summer

Field Report No. 20150915SH

Topic: East Shore Road, Upper Priest Lake
Conditions: Diffused sun, calm waters


COMMENTS: I hike swiftly across the flat terrain and enjoy the clammy feeling of sweat pressed against my skin by my light pack. It is quiet except for the intermittent whirl of a pontoon engine and the occasional voices that skip over the water like smooth stones. I breathe the lake-dampened air deeply and hold it at the top of my lungs for as long as I can. I exhale and feel my whole body sigh with the pleasure of exertion and sun.

KEY FEATURES: Foot and bike traffic only on trails, sandy beaches for setting up camp after kayaking.

RECOMMENDATIONS: To celebrate the last warm-weather hike of the season, make your way back to Coeur d'Alene. Enjoy the best of the city with its own big lake, without the midsummer crowds. For the best cocktails in north idaho, hang out at 315 Martinis & Tapas. If the cocktails are so good you'd like to try a few, simply stay the night onsite at the Greenbriar Inn.