A Festival on Front Porches

When something cool is happening around Spokane's West Central or Kendall Yards, we call Marshall Peterson: photographer, event organizer, and instigator of the uncommon in that part of the city. The 2nd Annual Porchfest (Sat, Sept 19, 3-7pm) is one of those things, so we spoke to him briefly about it.

F&C: Why Porchfest? What makes it unique? 

Marshall: I think what stands out about it most is that it's a live music event, but the music is not the end goal. Community, friendliness, people getting together and actually knowing one another... these are the end goals of Porchfest. Great live music and literary performances serve as the conduit for that to happen. Often, we go out to see live music, and we're sort of just focused on the band or artist, and maybe the people we came with. That's great and all, but this is something different. It's neighbors and friends hanging out on porches, in lawn chairs, having beverages and sharing some time and conversation and enjoying the performances. With the busyness of life, it's hard to find space for relaxed front-porch time with neighbors, but it's something we all desire on some level: to know and be known.