Field Report No. 20150816AC

COMMENTS: When we enrolled in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness lottery we didn't imagine there would be wildfires and so as the weekend approached there was a great deal of back and forth as to whether or not to go for it.
Fortunately we did go and as it turned out the smoke wasn't as much of a problem at 6,000 feet above sea level. We lounged by Lake Caroline most of the afternoon under clear blue skies--an alpine lake all to ourselves.

KEY FEATURES: Often we fixate on The Enchantments when considering the Alpine Lake Wilderness. If you're looking to get away from what on many weekends is an alpine super-highway, wander to some other destinations and you'll find ample elbow room.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Bring extra water, the trek to Caroline is hot and relatively water-less. Bring a bottle from Icicle Brewing. (You'll thank me as you sip it whilst admiring Mt Cashmere at sunset). When you get back to town, chow down at Fresh Burger Cafe. Out-of-towners can find rest and rejuvenation here.