Palouse in Early Fall

Field Report No. 20150923SH

Topic: A drive on Palouse Scenic Byway
Conditions: Windy gusts, tiny dots of rain


COMMENTS: A good soundtrack for an early-fall drive is priceless. Today things are mandolin-heavy, with banjo and upright bass also making copious appearances. I look out the car windows at the fields covered with a thick blanket of gold. So much wheat grows over the humps and hollows of these eastern Washington hills. Behind the farmed slopes, the sky swells with white and dark clouds. It begins to rain, but, even so, dust kicks up behind a tractor that prepares fields for fall planting.

KEY FEATURES: Harvest. You know, where all your legumes and grains come from. Farmhouses nestled near clusters of pines. Wild, daydreaming speculation about the unknown lives of those who live in them.

RECOMMENDATIONS: As you arrive in Spokane, a cozy coffee shop is needed to sit with a laptop and edit all those iconic Palouse photos. Little Garden Café fits the bill.