The Collab

Field Report No. 20150904RC

Topic: Santé says goodbye to summer
Conditions: Three chefs, six courses, six ciders

COMMENTS: As a Fieldsman, I love networking with the proprietors of great businesses in our city. It's fun to hang out at the short list of places that exemplify the very best of Spokane, and chat about what's coming up. I also love it when I see some of my favorite local spots coming together for creative projects.

On September 14, Jeremy and Kate Hansen and their team from Santé Restaurant and Charcuterie are doing just that with our friend Rick Hastings and his team from Liberty Ciderworks. It's a six-course meal, with Rick introducing you to six accompanying pours.

You like unbelievable food, and you've been meaning to try the spectrum of dry artisan ciders Liberty puts out (worlds apart from that syrupy-sweet junk your brother-in-law grabbed from the grocery store that one time). You also like the idea of surprising your partner with a rare fancy Monday night out. So... duh, you're going.

KEY FEATURES:  A menu that will have you drooling on your smartphone.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Wipe your phone dry and use it to reserve your spots.