Knocking Around Town

Field Report No. 20160114RC

Topic: Dream Date
Conditions: Giggly


COMMENTS: Sometimes in the winter, we just need to get out of the houseeven if the redheaded goofball wants to wear her bathrobe instead of a sweater. Once we're on the road, it isn't hard to throw together a little itinerary. Errands will be run, a few snowballs will be tossed, and we'll gaze at downtown buildings and ant-sized cars from Cliff Drive. 

KEY FEATURES: For some reason, we get the royal treatment wherever we go. Kaiti up at Revel77 adds latte art to a mini-sized hot chocolate, and they're nice enough to split a sandwich for us down at Durkin's.

RECOMMENDATIONS: If you have more than one child/niece/nephew, carve out time for separate one-on-one outings once in a while. Savor the conversations.