A Life of True Luxury

Field Report No. 20160107BB

Topic: Pregnant powder skiing

Conditions: Frigid and stable

COMMENTS: Today my dream line laid just on the shudder side of the shade of an orange backbone of granite. It was moderately steep and entirely untracked, all 3400' of it. Despite having worn my 6000m layering system on the sled ride to the pass the wind whistled right past my two puffies and softshell down my unzipped pants, split where my five month pregnant belly lolled out in the bitter cold the entire skin up. Topping out in a forlorn, proud notch above 8000' I had the feeling I always have in places like these, one of wanting to root in and build myself a nest amongst the scrabble of stone and ice to ride out the night's show of tiny lights. I dropped in to the couloir, the biggest and most intimidating I've skiied yet, and worked hard racing the day's death to its treed outflow. Night siphoned away the intrepid blues replacing them with impossible rose and lavender as we strapped skis to the sled and flowed down to the valley, windchill reaching well below zero.

KEY FEATURES: Parka-penetrating, eyeball-freezing-open, screaming-barfies-inducing cold. The kind of peace only to be found twenty miles from a car in fresh-deep powder. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: If you don't tote a snowmobile of your own plan on hiring a guide or better yet a heli from North Cascades Heli which is conveniently located next door to the lavish Freestone Inn. After a long day's leg-stretch in the silent vicinity of the Liberty Bell Group cozy up next to the fire in the Freestone's dining room and enjoy any number of cocktails from their new menu.