The Winter We Wanted

Topic: Mt. Spokane
Conditions: Sunny with the powder of your dreams


COMMENTS: Since the time change in November, we’ve been squeezing our eyes closed tightly and hoping for the winter that never fully arrived last season. First, we had to endure an unforgettable windstorm that snatched trees from the ground by their roots and slashed power lines. But, soon after the electrical grid was restored, we looked to heaven and began to see the fine shimmer of snow—snow that would keep falling, snow that would pile up for some of the finest skiing we’ve ever seen.

RECOMMENDATIONS: When conditions are right (i.e., it isn't foggy and sloggy), Mt. Spokane is a nice alpine option that is ridiculously close to the city. Instead of driving for hours to ski, linger over coffee and a pastry at Madeleine's before your adventure, or head back early for beers at Manito Tap House.  

comments/photos: Summer Hess