Uncommon Grounds

Topic: DOMA Coffee Roasting Co. in Post Falls, ID
Conditions: Seriously playful


COMMENTS: Before I know it, I've spent an hour in the coffee lab talking with Terry, one of the owners of DOMA. Though I've popped in before for a quick cup, this is my first extended session in their new public-facing space: tall ceilings, hundred-year-old timbers, leather counter tops, light fixtures hanging from vintage chains and hooks. Clean and modern, with a warmth that matches the flavorful americano in my hand. Scott pulled the shots for me, a young professional who joined the team a year or two ago. He serves as DOMA's Coffee Educator, and he's lending his craft to the cause. He's just one of several craftspeople I meet who are helping the well-known roasterand North Idaho's coffee culturecontinue to develop in all the right ways. So far, so good.

As for Terry and Rebecca, they have an eye for the uncommon, and aren't afraid to be seriously playful. A tour of the facility beyond the public space is equal parts whimsical fun and humming-along commerce. There's lots of beans coming in the door from their farms of origin and going out the door to large (and not-so-large) wholesale accounts and online customers. Further back, there's a room with electric guitars and a drum kit, where a couple of team members and their bandmates rehearse. Finally, we come to their second passion (coffee obviously being first and foremost): a room with functioning vintage printmaking equipment. Right now, it is being put to use on pink can wraps for DOMA's "Love Shack" Valentine's Day roast, illustrated by artist Jessica Lynch of Slow Loris Studio and designed by in-house graphic designer Shelly Croswhite.

KEY FEATURES: An uncommon place with uncommon people roasting (and now serving) really good coffee. On Seltice Way in Post Falls, this is now a must-stop on the way from the Spokane to Coeur d'Alene.

RECOMMENDATIONS: If you're not heading to Post Falls anytime soon, Spokane short-list partners Revel77, Madeleine's, and the Kitchen Engine always have some DOMA goodness ready to go (or ready to drink on the spot). Or of course, order online... sending coffee is what they do. For those who are ready, sign up for the advanced espresso class in the coffee lab, or just attend the free weekly coffee cuppings.


photos: Ben Tobin