First Tuesday


TOPIC: Merc Playhouse - An Exploration of Nature, Ice & Life in Antarctica - Methow Conservancy's First Tuesday Program

CONDITIONS: comfy seats, beer, wine and knowledge what more could you want?

COMMENTS: I just experienced my “First Tuesday” sponsored by the Methow Conservancy and it left my teenage daughter and I, energized to learn more about the Antarctic region. Alasdair Turner brought the audience of the Merc Playhouse on An Exploration of Nature, Ice & Life in Antarctica, through his extraordinary images and descriptive narration about his time spent in the area. Sitting in our cushy Merc seats we traveled to the places only scientist have been allowed to experience, true armchair traveler status for sure. However, it was inspiring to know that these places are currently preserved for study and the sciences so that all nations may learn from this area that has been left untouched. These insights along with others, for example; sometimes the scientists never see wildlife above the ice even though it is teaming with it just below the thick ice they stand on. Or that the ecosystem is extremely fragile with just the loss of a small ocean dweller like the Krill it will devastate the whole system. Did you know that krill are what’s on the menu for Gentoo, Adilie, and Emperor Penguins? Or (despite their name) Crabeater seals, Fur, Leopard and Weddell seals all rely on krill and I’m not sure how many krill these guys need but I imagine Humpback whales need to order up a good size portion of these little phytoplankton eating krill as well. Who knew? Not me. This got me thinking to our own ecosystem of sorts, I am thankful for the Methow Conservancy’s program of First Tuesdays and The Merc Playhouse for supporting our community's learning, arts and culture ecosystem here in the Methow Valley.

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