A Pause in Time

Field Report No. 20161118HB

Topic: Esmeralda Basin + Lake Ingalls
Conditions: Fresh snow, alpine, warm beverages

COMMENTS: After hiking up several switchbacks, Esmeralda Peak became increasingly outstanding with the November sun glaring against the rock and snow. Though a populated trek during warmer months, today I stand on the freshly coated ridge in solitude, a pause in time where Autumn falls smitten to Winter.

Larches endure, still yellowed, although hold loosely to their needles. Snowshoes became essential shortly after 5,500ft, though my hat, mittens, and jacket remained in my pack.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Bring tea, coffee, or hot toddy fixings to enjoy at the serene lakeshore. The descent down the mountain faces west, providing sunset views, alpenglow, and a silhouette of Rainier.