There Will Be Pie

Field Report No. 20161213RC

Topic: Learning to be a pie-baking ninja
Conditions: Warm, fun, and tasty

COMMENTS: It’s a Thursday evening on the cusp of the holiday season, and we’re at the Kitchen Engine. Co-owner Nicole Frickle is teaching everyone how to make the best pies. You know, the ones your family starts talking about when a big gathering is coming up. “Will there be pie?”—hint, hint.

You can find a lot of recipes online, but the tips and tricks and gear and gadgets and random bits of knowledge that come up in a class setting… this is what sets the Kitchen Engine apart. As Nicole teaches, we recognize how much goes into a good pie, and there’s a reason your grandmother makes the very best. Even if you’ve followed her cursive script on the 3x5 note card exactly, Grandma’s has always turned out better. Until now. You’re building up your own stock of tacit knowledge: the secrets to the perfect pie. Eat this, Grandma!

KEY FEATURES: Fun, informative, informal, and tasty (of course we get to eat pie, too). I make a mental note: a class like this after cocktails actually might be the most fun date you'll have in a while.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Ditch the cookies and gingerbread and fruitcake and all that this Christmas. Leave that stuff to the amateurs.  Become an expert in the most superior of desserts, which is also the most conducive to using fresh, local ingredientseven those you grew in your yard. And share the experience (baking and eating) with those you love: grab a gift card to the Kitchen Engine or your local shop, with the goal of taking a class together in the new year.

PS - Don't let the temps and roads keep you from holiday shopping at the Kitchen Engine this year: they are offering free shipping on all orders over 50 bucks to help you shop local without leaving your house.