The Earth Under the Ice

Field Report No. 20160320BA

Topic: A hunt for dry trail

Conditions: Melt-season

COMMENTS: Upon first meeting the spongey, red soil of the first snow-free trail in Mazama for the spring I stamped my happy feet on it, jumped up and down on it, even yelled to no one in particular about my joy at finding it. After a long winter's many comings, spring finally showed her face this afternoon. I ran in grateful, wide strides on patches of dry trail between persistent islands of winter's icy clutch until I reached my favorite circle of verbose ponderosas perched vertiginously above the hussssshing Lost River. They spoke: "Spring is coming and we have company. Trust that the ground is here beneath the ice; it will provide you sustenance. We are your family, your friends, your confidants." Fortified with that message, my run reached its logical halfway point and I wheeled back to my car.

KEY FEATURES: Red earth matching red tree bark. The quiet roar of a river lost. Yells unheard, silence unspoiled, tiny treasures barely melted scattered pell-mell on the trail. A hundred birds singing the weak sun out from behind the clouds.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Check the Forest Service's road conditions update then choose an accessible trailhead. Go far, go fast, go with joy. Bookend your amble with coffee at The Mazama Store (Blue Star, mais oui) and brunch at the swank Freestone Inn