Field Report No. 20160325BA

Topic: Looking from one season to the last

Conditions: Mud and sun and cloudy drama

COMMENTS: I love looking from one season to the next: arrowleaf gnomes pushing their heads from the tamped-down ground to sun shouting from between snowstorms; raven crowing to herald seasonal springs flowing down this south-facing slope to a breeze still biting from the north. Clouds part, a shaming discourse scrambling the space between me and the full moon keeping the buzzing land awake at night growing, seeping, moving. The one-bar song of early spring's single meadowlark halfway up the little mountain near home reminded me of the siren song of the green season that drew me here to stay in the first place. Alone amidst the subtle bustle, I decided it was time to set up my camp chair, boil my water, and enjoy an afternoon press in good company.

KEY FEATURES: Trails runnable from beginning to muddy end. 360 degree views encapsulating the Pasayten, Mount Gardner, the Sawtooths, and the mighty Okanogan. A daily refresh of carefully-synchronized tiny flowers bursting from tattered winter masses of snow-crushed grass - return often to see the latest developments. No other visitors around for miles.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Grab a nip of Genepy for later at The Wine Shed and a brew for the alpine stove at Blue Star. Let KTRT roll as you navigate to the sunniest trailhead. Tip: point south like all those flowers who so wisely angle at the sun.