Sweat, Swim, & Spice

Field Report No. 20160824RC

Topic: Fish Lake Trail, near Spokane
Conditions: Smooth ride, simple summer leisure


COMMENTS: It’s the perfect time of year: a touch less heat (mid 80s rather than mid 90s) and a couple weeks left before the fall routines kick in. We’re going to use this day well. We meet at the Fish Lake Trailhead near downtown Spokane, and we start pedaling. Today, we’re riding rather than running this ten-mile paved scenic link between Spokane and Fish Lake, a fun little rec area near the college town of Cheney. A summer run this long would need to start earlier than we did (cold brew at Indaba Downtown helped us shake off the sleep at 9ish).

It’s a hot, dry ride, but it’s tolerable. We can’t complain. We know we’ll plunge our bodies, childlike, into the lake when we’re finished, and that causes us to sprint hard into the slight grade. We’ll round out our workout when we get to Fish Lake with some burpees and informal “olympics-style” swim races. Then we’ll float on our backs and lolligag on the grass until our friends arrive with their van. We’ll gladly accept an air-conditioned ride to a big, family-style lunch at Sala Thai.

KEY FEATURES: We’re sharing the trail with fewer riders, walkers, and runners after we get a couple miles south of the city. We don’t mind overhearing conversations and dodging baby strollers, but we welcome the open lanes and fast, silent exertion. The reward is even better; there’s nothing like the shock of a cool lake in August.  

RECOMMENDATIONS: A gourmet meal out tastes so much better when you’re refueling after active play. The Panang Curry at Sala is stupid good, but today, we branch out and get more than only curries to share. Siam Chicken and Pad Kee Mao round out the table, and we know from experience not to go more than three stars at this place.