Beginners and Experts

Field Report No. 08262016MF

Topic: Dry Fly Fishing: Fun for Beginners and Experts Alike

Conditions: Dry fly fishing is great almost anywhere in the West right now.

COMMENTS: Take heed Ella Fitzgerald's, "Summertime and the livin' is easy, fish are jumping". Rivers all over the west are prime for dry fly fishing right now. It is in my opinion the most exciting type of fishing and perfect for beginners. Throughout the spring I gushed to friends about the zen of fishing. Reading the water, classifying insects, the methodical tying of knots. The satisfaction of a drag-free drift, the thrill of a silver flash, the zing of the fly line peeling off the water when a fish strikes. A moment of appreciation and then, release. Most nodded at my enthusiasm, some declared their desire to join the pursuit. 

Fast forward to now. A few of those converts made it out on the water, and if you have ever wanted to try, now is the time. There is no need for waders or a boat, just strap on your water sandals and head to you local river or lake. Hike up to almost any lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and you are almost guaranteed to catch fish and a great view of the North Cascades. Go now! Because this time of year you do not need to get up at dawn, or even match the hatch perfectly. The fish can be greedy and with decent presentation and a pair of polarized glasses, you too can feel the butterflies when you see a fish lock onto your fly.
Hey, and don't worry if you have slapped your line on the water for the 8th time and the fish are officially spooked; just strip down, go for a swim and cool off!

KEY FEATURES: First, be sure to get a license and read the fishing regulations from Washington Department of Fish and
Great beginner trout rivers in Central Washington: Methow, Chewuch, Icicle, Yakima, Cle Elum

RECOMMENDATIONS: Go talk to Fred at Troutwater Fly Shop in Cle Elum, or the gang at Red's Fly Shop on the Yakima River. These folks will set you up with gear, guide services and local tips for where, when and what to fish.