Cool Heat

Field Report No. 20170727RC

Topic: Embracing the 509 Heat. Also Beating it.

COMMENTS:  Inland northwest summer days are long and flat-out hot. Today, we get strategic. (1) Embrace the heat in the early afternoon, walking and scrambling and bushwhacking around Latah Creek and the Spokane River, dipping in when we feel like it, lying back to warm and dry ourselves after. (2) Dig into the cultural goodness (and cool A/C) of the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, with an explosively colorful exhibit from Melissa Cole and Ric Gendron, who stun us with both collaborative and separate pieces. (3) Wisconsinburger gives us some neighborhood goodness, with coldness from the tap, friendliness from Jeff (whose band Folkinception's album just dropped), satiation from the burgers, and spices from the uncommon condiment bar. As the kids happily drop hard-earned quarters in the Ms. Pac-man machine, we realize we haven't complained about the heat all day... the sign of a well-played summer day.