Lakeside in spring

Field Report No. 20180315AC

Topic: Camping Lake Chelan

Conditions: Cold. Beautiful.

COMMENTS: A crisp spring afternoon was upon us. We loaded the boat at Field's Point Landing and headed uplake. Just around the corner the wind picked up--down lake--and we found ourselves on swells growning larger by the minute. The narrows can be treacherous when the wind starts howling. Safty Harbor was closed on account of slide dangers from fire season last year. So we slowly made our way to Graham Harbor. With the wind blowing so strongly we turned around to make back down lake and after waves over the bow and many a drenching splash made our camp at Corral Creek. The wind died down that evening, we grilled steak, warmed twice baked potatoes over the fire and ate like royalty. 

Daybreak brought an uplake breeze, and with the water low, and the dock at Corral Creek in need of repair we were forced to bug out and head back to civilization--cutting our weekend short.

KEY FEATURES: Upper Lake Chelan is beautiful any time of the year, but spring is a special season. With nearly zero boat traffic and snow capped ridges you can be the only campers for miles and miles of wilderness. If you do venture out, don't forget to bring the bug repellent and check regularly for ticks. Tis the season, and those buggers are relentless.