Waterfront Report

Field Report No. 20180621AC

Comments: It was high time we got downtown and refueled. After a brief stroll on the waterfront we landed at Pybus Market. Surprisingly, it wasn't terribly busy. We sat down for a drink and watched the game for a while. The M's won so that, combined with multiple beers put us on cloud nine. After our last draught, we paid the bill and meandered across the way to Pybus Bistro. Sitting on the covered patio with the cool evening air was good for the spirit. We ate our fill of rustic goodness whilst sipping French rose. 

Key Features: Wenatchee's Apple Capital Loop Trail follows the Columbia River on both sides and is ten miles long. With lots of parks and an influx of new, waterfront development, Wenatchee's waterfront is quickly evolving into something of a gem (not that it wasn't before, just a much larger gem, I'd say).