Local Profile: Stone Parker

Local Profile: Stone Parker

He’s one of a handful of Northwest artists who specialize in the mokume-gane. In the foreground of Stone Parker’s work, the story of people’s lives are layered, soldered and polished... 

Take to the Ridge

Take to the Ridge

COMMENTS: From the top of the Icicle Ridge, you can see the Wenatchee Mountains trundling across the horizon. They look like enormous peaks of dough folded over your grandmother’s hands.

Spring Ride

COMMENTS: I finally did it. I got my trusty road bike out of the shed, tuned her up and went for a ride on the Little Wenatchee River Road... 

The organic way

Planting the wheat that turns into bread; that's a beautiful thing.

Run the World

Run the World

COMMENTS: Water? Check! Shoes? Check! Carload of steady companions? Check!

Through the Forest Have I Gone

COMMENTS: With an early Thursday departure and a freshly brewed coffee from Good Mood Food, we made our way to the Colchuck Lake Trailhead.



COMMENTS: When we enrolled in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness lottery we didn't imagine there would be wildfires and so as the weekend approached there was

Summit Post

COMMENTS: From this summit at the heart of the Enchantments, the midday sun hammers the back of my neck, tempered by a breeze that tugs the collar of my shirt and tousles strands of hair that have escaped my helmet.

Constant Curation

Fieldsman Haley and I first heard about this new shop while refueling at J5 Coffee--just steps away on 9th Street. Even while the space was under curation, it was clear that something special was about to make a splash on the off-Front Street scene. Turns out, we were right.


Field & Compass Asks: What led to your decision to open Posy?

Laurie Brenan Replies: 

I have always loved walking into really great inspirational spaces whether it is a public building, someone's home or a retail space.  My heart skips a beat as my eyes jump from one exciting detail to another.  It inspires me to be open minded, detail oriented and courageous. 

Posy allows me to immerse myself into my passion of creating warm + inviting spaces for people to be in.  With the shop I get to do that again and again as our collections change and evolve.  I am also inspired by someone who has taken their passion for creating something and turned it into a sustainable business that provides for themselves and their families with a lifestyle that they desire.  Posy gives me the opportunity to seek these artists and designers out, get to know them, be inspired by them and ultimately support them in their endeavor. 

RECOMMENDATION: Grab an espresso at J5, a top shelf cookie at The Gingerbread Factory, and stroll over to Posy to experience the inspiration for yourself.


COMMENTS: We play the odds for one reason: the Enchantments—Eastern Washington’s access to the Cascades. I feel pride for this lower-altitude range with its briery granite peaks and lakes the color of tin and steel.

Small Victories

COMMENTS: "Do you have outdoor seating?" Perched up high watching the barrage of traveler's below (the word "tourist" has been

Bratwurst Comedians

COMMENTS: Exchange of pleasantries upon entry, a long three days of festival festivities has not burdened this affable group of extroverted employees. The chemistry is

(Un)Official Center of Town

COMMENTS: Long waits, long lines, friendly staff. Two of those are true or perhaps the first was just masked by the third. As a former

On the Hunt

COMMENTS: We were on the hunt for a clean, mossy, green trail. A trail that reminded us of the Pacific Northwest. Ducked into an Espresso joint covered in old rusty pipes and reclaimed wood. Decided to

Bar Stool Bypass

COMMENTS: When dining alone or with a gregarious group the bar stool provides many advantages. One: Typically, you can bypass the wait-list (if a restaurant has a list for the bar, you know you're at the right place).

Idle Days

This week we asked Eric Peterson, Owner of Idlewild Pizza Company in Leavenworth, WA why he decided to open a restaurant. 

Why did I open a restaurant?

Very simple.

During my ski bum days in Colorado I enjoyed taking the dog for a hike on the abandoned, Ski Idlewild property. It was a beautiful setting in the hills of Winter Park, CO, which once played host to beginner and novice skiers of all ages.  There, walking among boarded buildings and forgotten liftsthe ultimate end of what the Miller Family beganwas the perfect time to reflect and figure out what the heck I was going to do with my own life. From the peak, a busy pizza restaurant was always conveniently in sight... It was fate.

I set about asking myself a few questions: #1 Where? Leavenworth, Washington, of course; #2 What? High quality pizza place; #3 How? Get off your butt, move to Seattle, and learn from the best.

-Eric Peterson

Yesterday's Future Trails

It is 10am and cold. Cold in mid-August, not sure where to park, trailhead is packed. No matter, I make my own parking spot next to the giant Ponderosa pine tree that leans slightly to the left as though it might fall with the force of the wind in its branches, of which there are many. Ponderosa has friends: Douglas Fir, Cedar, Hemlock; there are smaller folks too, various shrubs I cannot name though I continue to call myself 'outdoorsman'.  I, outdoorsman, have friends tootroops really. We unload and another Suburban full of bootssmaller folks, like in oursunloads as well.

The various accoutrements of war are gathered: base layer, long sleeves, light coats, boots, then backpacks filled with water and apples and nuts and chocolate. First-aid materials, compass, knife.

Pose for a quick shot and off we go into the forest with energy to burn. We walk, we run, we jump and sing and take breaks for candy. Over bubbling streams we stride with a single step (single jump for smallers), then larger waters with single log bridges, then more complex bridges assembled from many small logs. The water roars over rocks and past tree limbs, pooling behind natural dams and logjams. The perfect place for brook trout. 

No time to fish today though, we're on a mission to Lake Colchuck and won't make it if we don't keep pacesmall legs, you know. All is earthy and damp soil, old wood breaking down in natural processes giving way to big fat mushrooms you're not supposed to eat. Rocks with moss and sunlight pepper bunchgrass and holly; we're surrounded by lush, low growth. It is wholesome. 

There are more breaks and the occasional whines and, yes, tears from the youngers. But over the course of four miles, we all make it up two thousand two hundred and eighty feet.

We eat lunch and explore. Other hikers walk through as we enjoy a fine view of the lake and share in the wonder of creation and the knowledge of intent behind it all. Creation itself is less interested in the intent and more interested in our lunches. The tiny, fat chipmunks are courageous and daring and carefully plan precisely how they will steal our chocolate.

Clouds gather. We replenish our water and hit the trails again, this time in reverse. Down we go and for everyone it seems harder than the trip up. Whether from fatigue or the sadness of leaving, all begin to show signs of post-hike blues. But no matter; we're back at the cars and the lot is much clearer now. In we go to drive what seems only a moment into Leavenworth, WA for ice cream and beers. We only mourn the loss of todaywe'll be back to Colchuck.

Recommendations: When in Leavenworth don't forget to hit up Icicle Brewing for a Bootjack IPA. If pizza is your fancy, pop into Idlewild Pizza for a fantastic wood fired feast. Best burgers in town are at Fresh Burger.


COMMENTS: My first appointment having ended and the second session not beginning until noon, I thought I'd explore the side streets and

Beer Thirty

COMMENTS: I trekked around Leavenworth, Washington - a fine Bavarian village just a skip away from Wenatchee - peeking in windows, enjoying the