Quite Sublime


Topic: Breakfast

Conditions: Peaceful

COMMENTS: After crossing the bridge into town, we took breakfast at 3 Bears Cafe & Quilts. An interesting cafe set in a quilt shop, right of the main drag in Winthrop. It was a bit nippy outside so we sat indoors, admiring the decor (in particular the light fixtures) and discussing our plans for the day. After some debate we settled on attacking the Cutthroat Trail, just a ways past Mazama. With the smoke now completely gone we figured we'd have a great view of the North Cascades from the top.

KEY FEATURES: The atmosphere at 3 Bears Cafe & Quilts is really quite sublime, the fabrics absorb a great deal of the noise so you feel as though you are the only table in the place when in fact there may be another party sitting right around the corner.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Order the breakfast tacos, you won't be disappointed. After your ride, cool off over at Copper Glance. 

Lightly Toasted

Lightly Toasted

COMMENTS: I happen to sell booze for a living (partially) which makes for really great experiences in really great places all over a large portion of Washington State. I load up the car with cases of