Field Trip: Pybus Market

Field Report No. 20150806RC

Topic: Pybus Market for beer, gelato
Conditions: Cold flavor


COMMENTS: A business trip from Spokane offers a chance for my first visit to Wenatchee's famed Pybus Market. Earlier this summer, I was in San Francisco at the historic Ferry Terminal. What happens in San Fran happens in Wenatchee: delightful offerings on both sides as you make your way through a long building of artisan shops and eateries. One difference: I paid 25 dollars to park in San Fran, and battled SoMa traffic for an hour after our visit. Zero dollars at Pybus, five minutes waiting for a train to pass.

Glancing at the menus of all the eateries, it's a tough decision between Fire, Pybus Bistro, and others. My main criteria are a pint of Bootjack IPA from Icicle and outdoor seating to enjoy the perfect summer evening. Achieved. After dinner, a trip to ICE. My wife is a math teacher, and her addition skills prove useful. She spots a giant, three-scoop banana split on the menu, priced far below what we'd pay if each member of the family gets a single scoop. Sold. Toasted Almond, Salted Caramel, and Strawberry gelato, over banana with nuts, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. Unreal.

KEY FEATURES: The sky and the hills glow as we leave the market. It's magic hour, and it's nice here.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Visit at daytime as well as evening for more retail/produce.