Field Report No. 20150604SH

Topic: Riverside State Park, Deep Creek Canyon, Wild Walls

Conditions: Scorching sun, pockets of tempering shade


COMMENTS: Lined with piles of hard-angled basalt and carpets of smooth sand, a ramble through Deep Creek Canyon still inspires an attitude of exploration. Here climbers strap on their harnesses and ascend crags called “Big Wall” and “The Pit.” They gingerly toe their way up the chossy (read: climber speak for crumbly) basalt faces, scrubbing the green and orange polka dots of lichen from the rock with their feet, spreading white ticks of chalk on the black stone with their veiny hands.

KEY FEATURES: Basalt columns to the sky, Discover Pass

RECOMMENDATIONS: Head to Wild Walls to train and to practice belay techniques. Return to Deep Creek and bag your first 5.11.