Those South Perry Feel Goods

Field Report No. 20150514RC

Topic: Thursday Market, Spokane Craft Beer Week

Conditions: Fresh to Death


It’s May again, and everyone is acting like it. Tank tops and the like. Frisbees flying, people sitting around in Spokane’s parks like we’re college kids on a campus lawn, avoiding that final paper.

May is also when the Thursday Market in the South Perry District kicks back up. First, there is just something about a Thursday. The potential, the anticipation—it’s almost as good as the weekend itself. Pair that with the sights and sounds and tastes and smells of the best farmer’s market in town, and you’ve got a case of those South Perry feel goods.


The corner of 9th and Perry Street fills with all kinds of goodness every Thursday, enhancing an already-choice and walkable little business district on the edge of Grant Park and a neighborhood full of early-20th century Victorian and Craftsman homes. Most notably, a mobile wood-fired clay oven emits incredible pizza smells, as Veraci Spokane does what made them famous.  


There are ways to keep those feel goods going: today, I’ll be visiting Perry Street Brewing Company with friends, to taste a collaboration they did with Manito Tap House: a kumquat-infused single malt IPA. One of a kind. I’m bummed I missed the beer-pairing, six-course dinner PSB did down at Durkin’s Liquor Bar last night, so I need to catch up on Spokane Craft Beer Week

Then comes the mental battle. After you bought a bunch of fresh produce and artisanal spices to cook with, you realize Casper Fry and Wisconsinburger are just a pleasant stroll away. It’s dinnertime now, and you justify to yourself: Friday is really the best night to stay in and cook.