American Shoe Shop

A Tale of Two Hashtags

A Tale of Two Hashtags

COMMENTS: At F&C, we've noticed that our mission is somewhat encapsulated by a couple of viral hashtags that will once again make their rounds this weekend. 

Therapeutic Shopping

Field Report No. 20150709AH

Topic: Out on a Whim

Conditions: Curated 



COMMENTS: The methodology applied by the contributing craftspeople at this neighborhood boutique combine to create an aggregate greater than the sum of its parts. Meaning that the charm and beauty of this place is far greater by having all parties in a shared space rather than each one operating individually. This idea saturates the therapeutic collection of decor available at Out on a Whim. 

KEY FEATURES: Well curated, good lighting, great design. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Wedding rentals from OOAW (arches, decor, props, etc.) are a great way to add character to your event. 

A Moment Downtown

COMMENTS: We met up at Mela and nine shots later skipped down the street and popped in at American Shoe Shop. The spinning of giant