Field Trip: Pybus Market

Field Trip: Pybus Market

COMMENTS: A business trip from Spokane offers a chance for my first visit to Wenatchee's famed Pybus Market. Earlier this summer, I was in San Francisco at the historic Ferry Terminal. What happens in San Fran happens in Wenatchee...

Saturday Ritual

COMMENTS: Eating seasonally is unbelievably simple this time of year. An afternoon well spent entails embracing your inner Julia Child and creating a farmers market themed lunch or gourmet picnic.

Pomme Friends

COMMENTS: We were thirsty to begin with and easily quenched that via the lefthand tap at Pybus Bistro (after our first stop for cocktails at Fire) and soon thereafter needed

Higher Ground

COMMENTS: We filled our bellies with eggs and grits and made a run at Burch Mountain in an attempt to reach Eagle Rock. Unfortunately for us,