Icicle Brewing Company

Field Trip: Pybus Market

Field Trip: Pybus Market

COMMENTS: A business trip from Spokane offers a chance for my first visit to Wenatchee's famed Pybus Market. Earlier this summer, I was in San Francisco at the historic Ferry Terminal. What happens in San Fran happens in Wenatchee...

Intimacy on the Icicle

Field Report No. 20150801TB

We were on the hunt for a good river spot on the Icicle. We realized how unprepared we were when our stomachs began to growl. It was then decided that we needed to make a pit stop at one of the finest Mongolian BBQ spots in Eastern Washington.


After we filled upon on an array of fine meets and noodles, we walked across the street to the local brewery, picked up some 22’s, and headed down stream. After some lightweight bouldering maneuvers, we found a flat spot to set up camp.

Bootjack IPA

After cracking open the 22’s, we were entertained by the sight of fish attempting to swim upstream. The rest is history.

Flying Fish


COMMENTS: We play the odds for one reason: the Enchantments—Eastern Washington’s access to the Cascades. I feel pride for this lower-altitude range with its briery granite peaks and lakes the color of tin and steel.

Small Victories

COMMENTS: "Do you have outdoor seating?" Perched up high watching the barrage of traveler's below (the word "tourist" has been

Bratwurst Comedians

COMMENTS: Exchange of pleasantries upon entry, a long three days of festival festivities has not burdened this affable group of extroverted employees. The chemistry is

Field Trip: Part I

Field Report No. 20150523AH

Topic: NorCal 

Conditions: West Coast 


COMMENTS: The familiar sounds of coffee brewing, (locally roasted and fair-trade, of course) the smell builds slight anticipation as memories of early mornings home and abroad rise to the surface--one too many whiskies last night (perhaps) but when you have a tolerance somewhere between Winston Churchill and André the Giant, I say let the night take you where it may. 

So far, boots-on-the-ground in Seattle, Reno, Truckee, and Tahoe City visiting snowless ski resorts and Olympic grounds, climbing to lookouts, wine tasting, making scratch margaritas, chatting with locals and fellow travelers, and eating lunch next to a lake in drought. Transportation thus far has consisted of planes and cars, perhaps there are trains and trollies in my future. 

KEY FEATURES: Temperate weather, comprehensive food-culture

RECOMMENDATIONS: As usual, locals possess valuable information on locales that can help you cut through the clutter and the noise to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to pass as a seasoned "full-timer." I suggest having a friend or family member in the area or waiting patiently for Field & Compass to expand to your location. 

(Un)Official Center of Town

COMMENTS: Long waits, long lines, friendly staff. Two of those are true or perhaps the first was just masked by the third. As a former

Beer Thirty

COMMENTS: I trekked around Leavenworth, Washington - a fine Bavarian village just a skip away from Wenatchee - peeking in windows, enjoying the