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As I hung out around Spokane and Coeur d'Alene this summer, I started asking more questions of the places I frequent. Questions like: What causes are you passionate about? How does your business try to make a difference? Scroll through some of the answers I received...

Winter Walking

Winter Walking

It’s my husband’s birthday and we’re determined to squeeze in a walk before the sun abandons us at 3:58. The trail has been surprisingly well-loved despite the...

Sweat, Swim, & Spice

Sweat, Swim, & Spice

COMMENTS: ...We meet at the Fish Lake Trailhead near downtown Spokane, and we start pedaling. Today, we’re riding rather than running this ten-mile paved scenic link between Spokane and Fish Lake, a fun little rec area near the college town of Cheney. 

Pouring in the Panhandle

Pouring in the Panhandle

COMMENTS: It's a hot Thursday night in the panhandle of Idaho, and people from all over the Northwest have congregated at DOMA Coffee Roasters for an event well worth the drive. 

Hope and Coffee

Hope and Coffee

COMMENTS: A while back, I was shooting the breeze with Bobby Enslow, owner of Indaba Coffee, in their West Central location. He pointed to a box on the floor...

Four Ways to Get Lit

Four Ways to Get Lit

As your work week begins to wind down, there are plenty of great events left on the Get Lit schedule. As is our tradition, we’ll help you experience a few uncommonly good readings and discussions, complete with food & drink pairings. 

Fall: A Look Back

Fall: A Look Back

COMMENTS: Looking back, these are the reasons I weekend-warriored my way from Spokane to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness three times in October... 



COMMENTS: We have out-of-town guests on a Wednesday. It's the type of family you couldn't make up for a work of fiction, because they wouldn't be believable enough. 

Sweeping Through Spokane

COMMENTS: Six A.M. came earlier than expected when I was awakened by “Icky Thump” by the White Stripes blaring through my speakers.

A Fresh Flipper

COMMENTS: The Kitchen Engine is where my nose feels at home. Even if there isn’t a class or anything going on in the kitchen, there is fresh Indaba or Doma coffee available in a pump pot.

Anticipation For Adventure

Field Report No. 20150726TB

Topic: Outdoors

Conditions: Adventurous

Slack Line

COMMENTS: Waking up to a bird’s footsteps on my window sill, with the sun piercing my eyes, I knew today was the day for an adventure. Preparation began with some morning instrumental jams, a cup of freshly pressed coffee, followed by a teakwood and tobacco candle I picked up a few weeks ago from a boutique in a neighboring town. I needed to fuel up so I headed to my local coffee roaster for a double shot of espresso and a hand crafted veggie omelet. After feeling the food hit me, it was time for adventure. The drive to the local trail head was filled with anticipation. The whole time I was thinking about what I was going to encounter. Once arrived, I grabbed my bag, water bottle, and camera, then charged the mountain. The way up was slow. I was so distracted by the natural architecture the forrest had to offer. The way the sun spilled onto the trail through the branches, with every step changed the temperature feeling on the back of neck. From shade to sunlight, this trail felt like it was made for me today. After snapping nearly five hundred pictures, I finally made it to the top. Struck by the beauty of the resting, still water, I had to pull my camera out once more so I could brag about my hike later. I was then on a mission for a flat spot on natures floor, too lay down my blanket for a quick rest. It was hard to sleep because of the busy buzzing bees in my ear. After failing to sleep, I decided it was time to set up my slack line. This was the peak of my adventure today. After falling a few times, it was time to head back down, so I could get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day, and always a new adventure. 

KEY FEATURES: Allow yourself a good four hour chunk if you decide to embark on this journey with me. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Caffe Mela, Tumbleweed Bead Co., Posy Handpicked Goods. 

Old and Solid Things

COMMENTS: We read about that bridge before we cross it. Originally constructed in the 1930s, and more recently restored using the original plans, it was a Civilian Conservation Corps project.

The Ritual.

COMMENTS: Driving around town they hang on the fronts of houses, colorful and flapping, like Tibetan prayer flags. Nope: there hasn't been a Buddhist revival in Spokane. Yep: it's the Friday before Bloomsday

A Northwest Loop

Mall-ternative: an eclectic mix of shopping, neighborhoods, and the outdoors in one segment of town… just in case you find yourself with some free time to spend in Spokane.

The Human Element


December 13, 2014: A question posed to Bobby Enslow, owner of Indaba Coffee Bar & Roastery in West Central Spokane.

F&C: This week we really enjoyed your "hashtag human" profile of Jacob, one of the baristas at Indaba. What sparked this way of communicating for Indaba, and how is this part of your larger goal to create community around coffee?

BE: The initial idea for our “hashtag human” campaign came from our desire to connect guests to the human element of specialty coffee. Sometimes as a barista you can begin to feel like a machine just pumping out fuel for the masses. In reality, the farmers who handpicked the coffee, the roaster who hand roasted the coffee, and finally the barista who hand crafts each cup with passion are a part of that cup of coffee.

We also want our guests to see and hear how their dollars are impacting the lives of real people in our community. One thing I’ve learned from starting a small business is how impactful it is to spend dollars locally. They say that 70% of a dollar spent locally stays right here in the community. This is huge! One of the reasons why I started INDABA in West Central was to see this neighborhood change for the better. 

Lastly, we have some amazing baristas and I simply wanted to show them off! A lot of them live right here in the West Central neighborhood, and all of them are involved in the community making a difference outside of what they already do here at INDABA.


Fully Spent

Field Report No. 20140923RC

Starter Fluid



I staggered out the door, trying to recover from a self-inflicted 5:10am alarm. My destination was Crossfit Duratus--a stupidly grueling but addictive workout among good friends. The early fall mornings having turned dark again, the sky above the Spokane Arena was charcoal during our silent warm-up run. An hour later, the day was bright. Everyone parted ways, fully spent but gregarious, off to meet the business of the day. It was nearly 7:00 now, and West Central was waking up. I drove the two minutes from the gym to Indaba, which was just unlocking its doors. I told myself I had rehydrated enough to make the switch to locally roasted coffee. 

‘Duratus’ is Latin: to endure or harden. ‘Indaba’ is Zulu: a gathering of leaders. 

Lemon vanilla in any espresso drink. I’m not normally an add-flavoring guy, 
but the way this special, house-made syrup balances with the espresso is pure artistry.