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The Gift of Uncommon Experiences

The Gift of Uncommon Experiences

Stop giving half-assed gifts for mother's day, when pairing up some uncommon experiences away from the busyness is not that hard. The moms make things happen for all of us. So make something happen for them.

Anticipation For Adventure

Field Report No. 20150726TB

Topic: Outdoors

Conditions: Adventurous

Slack Line

COMMENTS: Waking up to a bird’s footsteps on my window sill, with the sun piercing my eyes, I knew today was the day for an adventure. Preparation began with some morning instrumental jams, a cup of freshly pressed coffee, followed by a teakwood and tobacco candle I picked up a few weeks ago from a boutique in a neighboring town. I needed to fuel up so I headed to my local coffee roaster for a double shot of espresso and a hand crafted veggie omelet. After feeling the food hit me, it was time for adventure. The drive to the local trail head was filled with anticipation. The whole time I was thinking about what I was going to encounter. Once arrived, I grabbed my bag, water bottle, and camera, then charged the mountain. The way up was slow. I was so distracted by the natural architecture the forrest had to offer. The way the sun spilled onto the trail through the branches, with every step changed the temperature feeling on the back of neck. From shade to sunlight, this trail felt like it was made for me today. After snapping nearly five hundred pictures, I finally made it to the top. Struck by the beauty of the resting, still water, I had to pull my camera out once more so I could brag about my hike later. I was then on a mission for a flat spot on natures floor, too lay down my blanket for a quick rest. It was hard to sleep because of the busy buzzing bees in my ear. After failing to sleep, I decided it was time to set up my slack line. This was the peak of my adventure today. After falling a few times, it was time to head back down, so I could get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day, and always a new adventure. 

KEY FEATURES: Allow yourself a good four hour chunk if you decide to embark on this journey with me. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Caffe Mela, Tumbleweed Bead Co., Posy Handpicked Goods. 

Constant Curation

Fieldsman Haley and I first heard about this new shop while refueling at J5 Coffee--just steps away on 9th Street. Even while the space was under curation, it was clear that something special was about to make a splash on the off-Front Street scene. Turns out, we were right.


Field & Compass Asks: What led to your decision to open Posy?

Laurie Brenan Replies: 

I have always loved walking into really great inspirational spaces whether it is a public building, someone's home or a retail space.  My heart skips a beat as my eyes jump from one exciting detail to another.  It inspires me to be open minded, detail oriented and courageous. 

Posy allows me to immerse myself into my passion of creating warm + inviting spaces for people to be in.  With the shop I get to do that again and again as our collections change and evolve.  I am also inspired by someone who has taken their passion for creating something and turned it into a sustainable business that provides for themselves and their families with a lifestyle that they desire.  Posy gives me the opportunity to seek these artists and designers out, get to know them, be inspired by them and ultimately support them in their endeavor. 

RECOMMENDATION: Grab an espresso at J5, a top shelf cookie at The Gingerbread Factory, and stroll over to Posy to experience the inspiration for yourself.

On the Hunt

COMMENTS: We were on the hunt for a clean, mossy, green trail. A trail that reminded us of the Pacific Northwest. Ducked into an Espresso joint covered in old rusty pipes and reclaimed wood. Decided to