Saranac Commons

Not Kidding Around...

Not Kidding Around...

COMMENTS: When Jeremy Hansen and his team are cheffing it up, you know things are going to both look and taste world class.

Weathering the Winter

Weathering the Winter

If you know an uncommon local business that may have been impacted by the winter weather, why not brave the slippery sidewalks and go give them some...

Clean & Modern

Clean & Modern

COMMENTS: I look around, taking stock of the place. He's getting good. It's not hard to start mentally placing these pieces in my own home, as many folks have already done to achieve a modern industrial look. 

Four Ways to Get Lit

Four Ways to Get Lit

As your work week begins to wind down, there are plenty of great events left on the Get Lit schedule. As is our tradition, we’ll help you experience a few uncommonly good readings and discussions, complete with food & drink pairings. 



COMMENTS: Rolling around a somewhat surreal wind-battered Spokane, I'm quieted by each uprooted tree I come across, each downed...

Doing the Small Things Right

COMMENTS: To talk to Shahrokh Nikfar, the owner of Mediterrano in Saranac Commons, is to become infused with energy. It was just a simple stopby for some grub after golfing at Downriver with old friends; it soon became...

A New Mainstay

COMMENTS: I belly up to the bar at Black Label Brewing in Saranac Commons, and ask Steve what’s new. He’s friendly as always, and we shoot the breeze a bit.

Rhythm of Summer

COMMENTS: It’s still June and the rhythm of summer has already settled into the dry grass.  I arrive at the trailhead after work at 5:30, eyes strained from computer work and legs ready to strike. 

Three Ways to Get Lit.

by Ross Carper

Yep, it’s going off right now. The annual Get Lit! Festival. Here’s where we’re at with this thing: last year’s headliner just won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction (Anthony Doerr, All The Light We Cannot See). That’s how good this week-long event is. It’s also your cue to get out there and enjoy at least some of it, whether you’re a visitor or a local Auntie's denizen. We’ll make it easy for you: three top-notch events paired with some local food/drink to complete your literary night out.

A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment with Jess Walter and Sherman Alexie

Details: Wed, 4/22, 7-9pm, Lair Auditorium, Spokane Community College (1810 N. Greene St)

Pairing: Burgers beforehand, Wisconsinburger (916 S. Hatch St)

As a fiction writer myself, these fellas are superheroes to me. Rock stars. It doesn’t help the ol’ pride that my mom is always reminding me how she was Jess Walter’s 9th grade English teacher. That she made him read Great Expectations, a book he referenced heavily in Citizen Vince. Cool, mom. Take credit for his critically acclaimed bestsellers. Be prouder of him than you are of me. I don’t care. I’m just thanking my lucky stars we have both Walter and Sherman Alexie as heavy hitters in the Spokane fiction scene. What? They’ve started a wildly popular and funny/awesome podcast? And they’re recording it live onstage? At a free Get Lit event? Duh I’m going. But I’m not bringing my mom.


The Annual Pie & Whiskey Reading with Kate Lebo and Sam Ligon

Details: Thurs, 4/23, doors at 9pm (pro-tip: be early), Woman's Club of Spokane (1428 West 9th Avenue)

Pairing: Pre-func at Durkin’s, whiskey sour w/ egg white (a pie ingredient); and/or dinner at Picabu Bistro, just blocks from the venue.

I ran into Sam the other day at Saranac Commons. He’s a former professor of mine. I love seeing him out in the city because he’s never having a bad or boring time. He’s also the sharpest editor I’ve been around, with no patience for stuff that isn’t great. With this brainchild of his, now in its fourth year, he has combined many things that are unquestionably great: pie, whiskey, poetry, prose, and a night out carousing with friends. This year Kate Lebo is the co-host, and she’s all about both writing and pie. It will be the place to be on Thursday night (read: packed). I live a few blocks away, so I’ll just stroll over early and see who appears.


The Round: Get Lit Edition

Details: Sat, 4/25, 8pm, The Bartlett (228 W. Sprague Avenue, Spokane, WA)

Pairing: A beer beforehand at Jones Radiator, a couple blocks east on Sprague.

Don’t you hate it when there are talented singer-songwriters and poets performing in front of you as visual artists create stuff all around the room? No, you don’t hate it. Because unless you’ve been to The Round before, it probably hasn’t happened to you. And you wouldn’t hate it because it’s really great. The Get Lit! edition features many, including Cami Bradley, in an intimate space. Get tickets beforehand so you’re all set.


Saranac Uncommon

COMMENTS: Hot off the road we came like explorers setting eyes upon the new world—yes, ready for adventure and

Wagons East

COMMENTS: It was a Friday trip—business—to Spokane. Turbo rocketed us to 78 and all the world was a blur. We were high on