The Gift of Uncommon Experiences

The Gift of Uncommon Experiences

Stop giving half-assed gifts for mother's day, when pairing up some uncommon experiences away from the busyness is not that hard. The moms make things happen for all of us. So make something happen for them.

Anticipation For Adventure

Field Report No. 20150726TB

Topic: Outdoors

Conditions: Adventurous

Slack Line

COMMENTS: Waking up to a bird’s footsteps on my window sill, with the sun piercing my eyes, I knew today was the day for an adventure. Preparation began with some morning instrumental jams, a cup of freshly pressed coffee, followed by a teakwood and tobacco candle I picked up a few weeks ago from a boutique in a neighboring town. I needed to fuel up so I headed to my local coffee roaster for a double shot of espresso and a hand crafted veggie omelet. After feeling the food hit me, it was time for adventure. The drive to the local trail head was filled with anticipation. The whole time I was thinking about what I was going to encounter. Once arrived, I grabbed my bag, water bottle, and camera, then charged the mountain. The way up was slow. I was so distracted by the natural architecture the forrest had to offer. The way the sun spilled onto the trail through the branches, with every step changed the temperature feeling on the back of neck. From shade to sunlight, this trail felt like it was made for me today. After snapping nearly five hundred pictures, I finally made it to the top. Struck by the beauty of the resting, still water, I had to pull my camera out once more so I could brag about my hike later. I was then on a mission for a flat spot on natures floor, too lay down my blanket for a quick rest. It was hard to sleep because of the busy buzzing bees in my ear. After failing to sleep, I decided it was time to set up my slack line. This was the peak of my adventure today. After falling a few times, it was time to head back down, so I could get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day, and always a new adventure. 

KEY FEATURES: Allow yourself a good four hour chunk if you decide to embark on this journey with me. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Caffe Mela, Tumbleweed Bead Co., Posy Handpicked Goods. 

Therapeutic Shopping

Field Report No. 20150709AH

Topic: Out on a Whim

Conditions: Curated 



COMMENTS: The methodology applied by the contributing craftspeople at this neighborhood boutique combine to create an aggregate greater than the sum of its parts. Meaning that the charm and beauty of this place is far greater by having all parties in a shared space rather than each one operating individually. This idea saturates the therapeutic collection of decor available at Out on a Whim. 

KEY FEATURES: Well curated, good lighting, great design. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Wedding rentals from OOAW (arches, decor, props, etc.) are a great way to add character to your event. 

A Moment Downtown

COMMENTS: We met up at Mela and nine shots later skipped down the street and popped in at American Shoe Shop. The spinning of giant


F&C Single Question Interview:

Jessica, how did you fall in love with jewelry making?

I first started making jewelry with my Grandma in grade school.  We tried all kinds of jewelry techniques, making our own beads out of clay and basic bead stringing.  Then one day my Grandad bought me my first pair of round nose pliers--pliers I still have and use--and that is when I fell in love.  Something about bending, hammering and shaping metal really inspires me.  

In high school and college I would make jewelry and my friends would always ask to buy it. I enjoy making jewelry that is easy to wear and--honestly--easy to make.  I lose interest in pieces that takes too many steps to make.  I think it's the simplicity of my jewelry that makes it so popular.  It's perfect for everyday or for dressing up. Now that I have stepped into more of a managerial role with my business and am making less jewelry I realize how much I really do love the process and what an vital part of my life--and mental health--it is.  I make a point now of sitting down at least once a week to create new pieces or hang out with our production team and make jewelry for our stores. -Jessica Russell, Tumbleweed

History's Workbench

History's Workbench

A question posed to Dustin Spencer, owner of Vermilyea Pelle. Dustin crafts stunning leather goods from sustainable old world materials using tools and methods pulled from a rich history.