Brace Yourself, Spring is Coming

Brace Yourself, Spring is Coming

For some of us, most of us, maybe all of us, Friday is a celebration for the end of a long, taxing work week. We count the days, hours, and minutes until our time belongs to us once again.

Intimacy on the Icicle

Field Report No. 20150801TB

We were on the hunt for a good river spot on the Icicle. We realized how unprepared we were when our stomachs began to growl. It was then decided that we needed to make a pit stop at one of the finest Mongolian BBQ spots in Eastern Washington.


After we filled upon on an array of fine meets and noodles, we walked across the street to the local brewery, picked up some 22’s, and headed down stream. After some lightweight bouldering maneuvers, we found a flat spot to set up camp.

Bootjack IPA

After cracking open the 22’s, we were entertained by the sight of fish attempting to swim upstream. The rest is history.

Flying Fish

Good Vibe Tribe

COMMENTS: I've found my people. The no-frills crowd that looks ready to fill a Nalgene Grunt ($10), go directly to the trailhead, and not emerge from the woods until they have to work again on Monday. 

Double Means Triple

COMMENTS: "If you're authentic, then all details will line up. Your menu will match your food, which will seamlessly integrate with your

Small Victories

COMMENTS: "Do you have outdoor seating?" Perched up high watching the barrage of traveler's below (the word "tourist" has been

Ale Yeah!

COMMENTS: Highlighted colored umbrellas provide shade for an otherwise graytone walk-way. The flow of beer never

Bratwurst Comedians

COMMENTS: Exchange of pleasantries upon entry, a long three days of festival festivities has not burdened this affable group of extroverted employees. The chemistry is

Beers in the Neighborhood

COMMENTS: It's a Thursday and we haven’t planned anything, so we head to the Lantern Tap House in Spokane’s Perry district. 

Packer Backers

At Spokane's WisconsinBurger, the place will be... well, packed. Like every other restaurant with TVs in the great northwest, all screens will be set this coming Sunday at noon to the NFC Championship game: Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers. We all want to see the matchups: Aaron Rogers vs. Richard Sherman, Beastmode Lynch vs. Clay Matthews, the 12th Man vs. Everyone's Eardrums.

But at this neighborhood establishment, serving up ridiculously choice burgers for around ten bucks isn't the only obsession. It's also a Packer bar. Yes, the delicious fried cheese curds are eaten by passionate cheese heads, who converge on WisconsinBurger to root on the green and gold whenever they play. If you're a die-hard Hawks fan, you may want to steer clear during Sunday's game. Not because you're scared of interacting with Packers peoplethey are actually pretty nice compared to, say, Steelers fans (ugh). You'll just want to wait and visit after the Hawks dominate and punch their ticket to another Super Bowl. Then you can laugh in Amanda's face (a server who actually hails from Wisconsin) while you enjoy a cold beer, the best fries in town, and the unique burgers that have landed WB at #3 out of 772 Spokane restaurants on TripAdvisor.

You might hate them this weekend for loving the Packers. But with locally-sourced beef and grinds like the Spooner, a burger that includes a spoonful of bacon jam, you can't stay mad... especially after the right team wins.

Through Quiet Grasses

Comments: At the beginning of a year, I'm faced with the need to get out of my neighborhood, my city, and get somewhere that

Good Vibes

COMMENTS: This summer I biked to the Bartlett to see two of my favorite bands, The Antlers and Yellow Ostrich. It was a

And the award goes to...

And the award goes to...

November 21, 2014: 
A question posed to Patrick McPherson, publican at 
Manito Tap House in Spokane. McPherson is one of three certified cicerones on his staff.

Inland NW Car Camping

COMMENTS: Forty years ago this summer, my father walked into a service station in his hometown of Madison, South Dakota. On a whim, he purchased

Beer Thirty

COMMENTS: I trekked around Leavenworth, Washington - a fine Bavarian village just a skip away from Wenatchee - peeking in windows, enjoying the